Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FYI - to anyone that make catch this blog - I am no longer updating this

Friday, December 23, 2005


Santa is a scary mofo
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May you all have a Happy Holiday and a peaceful and joyous New Year!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


I said BRRRRR! / It's cold in here! / there must be some Toros in the atmosphere!

Okay. I really like the movie "Bring It On".
Sue me.

I am a sucker for cheerleading competitions ( and the lil pseudo-punk rock Jesse Bradford. )
Eliza Dushku is pretty hot too.
That's a different topic though.

It's cold here in Austin. It's a jolt to the system ( considering it was 85 a few days ago. )

Bust out the semi-winter jackets, long pants, sweaters kinda cold.
It feels good. Refreshing. Makes it actually feel like November ( or the November that I know. )
( sorry )

My son Rohen is now 2 months old. Almost 9 weeks. ZOOOOOM - time is a-flying.
I gotta bundle him up good when we head outside into the brisk air. Wonder how long this cold front will last. Will Thanksgiving be celebrated in short sleeves with the AC on?

Mmmm. Thanksgiving.
Which really means MMMMM. FOOD.
Puuuumpkin piiiie. Tuuuuurnips. Maaashed potaaatoes.

( damn, I'm hungry )'s cold in here....

The Cure - Shiver And Shake.mp3
The Sugarcubes - Cold Sweat.mp3
Madonna - Frozen.mp3

Monday, November 07, 2005

Yeah, I suck

I have a cold.
My 3 year old has a cold.
I've got a 7 week old baby.
I don't have much time for blogging.
I wish I did though.

I miss having nothing to say in colorful paragraphs.
I make a promise to you, my faithful reader ( notice I didn't make that plural? ) and to myself that I will get this thing going again.


Alison Moyet - There Are Worse Things I Could Do.mp3

Monday, October 17, 2005

Meat Coma

Does it come with a barf bag?
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Okay, I'm all for food.
I'm all for LOTS of food.
I'm all for silly, stupid novelty types of food.
Deep fried Oreos, for example.
I'll accept it and even try it...once. Maybe.
That weird Monte Cristo sandwich I've heard about at Bennigan's
( isn't it a deep fried sandwich? I mean, WTF. But, okay. Whatev....)

But a SIX POUND fucking hamburger!!??! My colon spasms just LOOKING at that photo.
It's a heart attack in a bun. Who!? What!? WHHHHYYYY?
I don't even want to know what happens to your body after you eat it.

I wonder if that guy in the photo finished it. And what's up with the pile of pickles on TOP of the bun? Cram that shit in! Throw some donuts, sardines, and cat food in there while you're at it!
LOAD IT UP!!!! Make it REALLY worth the eat!
There's got to be a world's record in there somewhere ( definitely, if you add some Fancy Feast. )

Ack. Aaugh. Eew. Bleurgh.
I love a big meaty burger, but jeekus crow that's just...vile.

Pixies - Gigantic.mp3

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


You have a baby and suddenly your blog goes to shit.

I apologize.

I will get back on here....someday.

But yeah, I had a baby.
Sept. 16th at 8:14am.

His name is Rohen and he's lovely.

But he takes up a lot of my blogging time.

Monday, September 12, 2005

It's about that time

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So, as many of you know...I'm gonna have a baby soon.
Like really soon. FOUR DAYS kinda soon. Yeah. SOON.
I go into the hospital on Friday the 16th at 6am ( grrroaaaan ) and my c-section should be taking place around 7:30am. That's what I get for making large babies with enormous heads. A c-section. My second one. At least this time around I KNOW it's coming, I've been there, I'm prepared for it. With my first...well, let's just say two weeks late, 2 days of unbelievable torture to get him out of me, and THEN the c-section. So, this advance notice is quite nice.

We are as ready as we can be. We have all the baby necessities. We've got the family babysitters in our house for the weekend to watch our 3 year old. And I can't tell you how ready I am to NOT be pregnant. I feel like I have a 30 pound medicine ball strapped to my gut. The carpal tunnel ( due to swollen cells ) is excruciating at times. The stretchmarks, the heartburn, the backaches, you get the picture. I want it OVER. Me wanty no more pregnant.

Mostly, I just want to meet my son. I can't wait to see him.
I can't wait for this new chapter to begin. Dying to see who he looks like.
Dying to hold him. It's gonna be one wild day....

Keep your fingers crossed for me. Send good thoughts for a safe c-section, a healthy baby, and a mom that doesn't go loopy with post partum chaos and hormone crash!!

Here's some "baby-fied" tunes.....

Gillian Welch, Emmy Lou Harris, Alison Krauss - Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby.mp3
You Are My Sunshine.mp3
Bing Crosby - Toora Loora Loora ( Irish Lullaby ).mp3
Ring Around The Rosie.mp3